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Getting Started with Dr. LaMont

To get started as a patient, please call 415-381-3888 and the office will be happy to schedule an appointment.

First Office Visit
My initial office visit is 60-90 minutes, during which time I will listen to your story, take a thorough health and lifestyle history, do a brief exam, review or order the appropriate lab tests, and give you an acupuncture treatment. To assist in making an accurate diagnosis of your condition, we may choose from an array of laboratory tests, ranging from conventional blood and urine tests to more progressive salivary hormone, adrenal and neurotransmitter testing, food sensitivity testing, genetic testing and digestive stool analysis.

Second Visit
During the second visit, I will present a written "Report of Findings" which integrates your Western and Traditional Chinese Medical diagnoses and details the lifestyle and dietary changes needed, along with the appropriate nutritional and herbal supplements.